Staff Development

I am an experienced presenter with a wealth of knowledge in the area of second language acquisition and education and a great foundation of classroom experience as an ESOL specialist. In my current position, I work as a peer coach with ESOL teachers in my district; my goal is to help them meet their professional goals as an educator as well as instructional goals with students. Additionally, I help support classroom teachers in learning and implementing effective strategies for the ELLs in their content-area classes. I've also presented at professional conferences for WIDA Consortium National Conference, TESOL International Conference, and the Future of Education Technology Conference (FETC).

I am licensed to teach ESOL at all levels, Pre-K through 12th grade in Maryland, North Carolina, and Tennessee. While I have developed many presentations that I give regularly, I can also work with you to tailor something to the needs of your school, district, faculty or staff. Below is a listing of some of the presentations I've developed and Professional Development courses I teach on a regular basis.

  • Supporting ELLs in Early Childhood
  • Incorporating WIDA into Classroom Instruction
  • Blending Common Core and WIDA for Effective Instruction of ELLs
  • Language Learning in the 21st Century: Supporting ELLs with Technology
  • Teaching ELLs Across the Content Areas
  • Promoting Interaction for ELLs in the Mainstream Classroom
  • Supporting ELLs in the Upper Elementary Classroom
  • Learning Language through Content: A New Approach to Educating ELLs

If you are interested in one of the presentations or workshops above, or would like to work with me to create something to fit your needs, please fill out the form below, and I will get back to you within one business day.